For Small Businesses


Our team has experience in all disciplines of Human Resources and will help you develop options to improve employee production, performance, and behavior.

Small Business Leaders are looking for an HR leadership team with the experience to make their business a success!

For the small business leader, we provide the same services as an in-house Human Resources department. We provide a high level of experience, integrity, and discretion at an affordable cost. We understand that every business and every situation is different, and we offer tailored solutions that address the issue in a manner that suits your business needs.

As your HR Department, we can provide services that the small business owner wants and needs but does not have the expertise, time or manpower to perform. Our service options range from compliance management to more sophisticated projects.

As your HR Department, we will:

  • Audit your current HR policies and practices
  • Create and distribute company policies/handbooks
  • Recruit, hire and help retain top talent
  • Train your team on proper HR techniques including discipline
  • Design a sustainable and defensible performance management system
  • Manage employee engagement and develop an employee improvement program
  • Perform workplace investigations
  • Provide professional workplace or anti-harassment training

We provide affordable Human Resources expertise. We offer project based, hourly, and retainer solutions. We work within your budget and provide a high quality and sustainable solution for your HR needs.

Call now to set up a free consultation to make Tolbert Enterprise your HR Department!

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    We believe that companies, people and organizations want an experienced, honest and practical HR team to help them with their people strategy. They want a HR partner with integrity to speak frankly and honestly about the risks and rewards of managing people and/or their careers.
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